Bracher - Emden

Company Profile

Bursting onto the fashion scene in Spring 2001, David Bracher, a jewellery designer working for Erickson Beamon, and Richard Emden, window designer, creating for the likes of Harvey Nichols and Moschino Couture, forged a partnership producing a collection of high quality cuffs and belts for women. The styles were bold and brazen, fashioned from solid silver, distressed denim and etched with Swarovski crystals. Drawing attention immediately from major stores and boutiques, such as Harrods and The Library.

With their fall collection, the boys began to punch holes in a market screaming out for innovation and daring, 'the fashion world of men!' Paraded around London by popular footballers and pop stars alike, their image continued to be defined by patchwork lacerated denim and layered with studs and rivets, a style mimicked in high street stores today. However menswear was not the perfect platform from which to launch a major assault on the heart of the industry.

By Spring 2002, their direction swung back to women's accessories, specifically the evening bag. Glitzy high brow leather bags, with an edge of 'boho chic' and sculpted in gutsy colours and tough fabrics were the foundations of this collection, which garnered major recognition at the Tranoi Trade Exhibition in Paris.

In their North London studio, May 2002, the boys set about producing bags that would not simply sell, but would characterise their history, influences and ambitions and ultimately stamp their image on the world of 'high gloss arm swinging glitz!' The summer season saw prestigious department stores the world over begin to take notice. Primary stockists now include   Harrods Selfridges, Harvey Nichols (worldwide), Brown Thomas, Bergdorf Goodman and   Henri Bendel .

A-list celebrity fascination with these bespoke, hand-crafted samples of 'haute couture', mounted rapidly. With fashion paparazzi snapping the likes of Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz and Cindy Crawford, at high brow galas and high streets alike, it became clear that Bracher Emden designs were and continue to be the must have bag of the moment!

With worldwide sales rocketing and the new season in production the boys from London town are settling into their 4 th successful year. The bags are still produced to the highest creative level, each one being lovingly hand crafted, using mixtures of American vegetable dyed hides, ostrich leg, python and crocodile all drowned in layers of Swarovski crystal. Each bag has the touch of individuality desired so much by the fashionista, whilst combining an air of accessibility for the modern day woman. Impossible to mimic and identifiable at a glance the boys have created something of envy for accessory designers the world over.